Safe Driving Strategies for Commercial Drivers to Avoid Getting Sleepy

When driving a commercial vehicle, there are many inherent risks not only for the driver but for the people the driver shares the road with. That’s why it’s important to consider a few safe driving strategies for commercial drivers. These sorts of tips may seem simple, but incorporating them while driving a commercial vehicle can keep everybody on the road as safe as possible.

One of the biggest challenges for commercial drivers, especially long-haul truckers, is staying awake. Federal regulations impose limits to how long a person can drive at one time. This amount of time is 11 hours. However, 11 hours is a long time to drive and many truck drivers battle sleepiness because of being in one position for such an extended period of time.

That’s why it’s important to do things like keeping the cabin of the truck as cool as possible. This can be challenging over the winter, but people’s bodies tend to relax and sleep better when it’s warm. Colder temperatures, even a slightly chilly truck cabin, can help a driver stay alert and awake.

Having the CB radio or the truck stereo playing constantly can be exhausting. It can contribute to somebody becoming mentally fatigued and this leads to becoming physically fatigued and sleepy. However, too much quiet, the monotonous droning of the diesel engine or the tires on the road can put a person in somewhat of a trance that can make them sleepy as well. That’s why having a balance between silence and noise can help a person stay alert.

There many other tips that can help a driver to avoid getting sleepy and eliminate the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. Avoiding large amounts of food at one time, especially before driving is a good way to help stay awake. Getting the proper amount of exercise can help regulate the body’s circadian rhythms. Taking naps when possible is another good way to stay awake at the wheel

The bottom line is that following these simple tips can help a driver stay alert. This not only helps a person deal with the time better, but it also keeps themselves and everybody else on the road around them safe.