Uncovering Potential Health Risks in an Old Home or Business Facility

Many people don’t think about how hazardous the home can be. Most people think of it as a safe haven. However, homes, as well as business facilities, can present significant dangers, especially those homes and businesses that were built many years ago. Some of the real issues that come from these structures are the materials that were used in their initial construction. In addition, things like plumbing leaks and roofing leaks can lead to other hazardous issues that will need to be taken care of. That’s why a company like DSConsulting in Denver CO can be so helpful.

DS Consulting is an environmental consulting firm that helps homeowners and builders detect some of the most hazardous aspects of a home or business structure. For example, it has been federally mandated since 1978 that interior paints used and manufactured have to be done so without lead. However, before that time, much of the paint that was used on the exterior or exterior of homes and businesses contain significant amounts of lead, which is highly toxic. Not all paints that were used before 1978 contained lead but many did. A company like DS Consulting will ensure that the paint in older homes and facilities are tested to determine if the paint contains lead. If it does, it will need to be professionally removed and disposed of properly to ensure no harm comes to anyone coming in contact with the lead paint.

In addition to lead paint services, DS Consulting can also help business owners and homeowners deal with mold situations. This consulting service can determine what sort of problem that a building might have with mold. This is important because standard types of mold will need to be removed, but if toxic mold is discovered, the removal of this mold is essential, as overexposure to toxic mold can prove fatal.

There are more things to talk about with DS Consulting and the services they provide than can be mentioned in this article. Suffice to say that if you’re a business owner or a homeowner using an older facility, perhaps renovating that space, having the services of DS Consulting can help immensely. Working with them can ensure that your older home or business facility is a safe place to occupy.