Damon Talks About Kate And Juliet For Season 6

Bandar Ceme OnlineHey All,
LOST writer Damon Lindelof recently did an interview where he answered a question about “badass” Kate and Juliet and said if we like those two characters that way then we will like season 6.

Not sure now if he was saying we will see more badass Kate and Juliet or that we will see those type of characters in general in Season 6.

Thanks to Matt for the details.

On a show called GEEK TIME hosted by Jon Hein(Jump the Shark author), on HOWARD101 on SIRIUS RADIO, Jon asked Damon Lindleoff about Kate and Juliet not being as “hard” or “badass” as they used to be, Damon said “If you like those two characters as badass, then you’ll probably like the last season of the show.” I don’t know if that’s worthy of news. I think it aired Aug. 17 but I’m not sure

NOTE: The audio is a small clip and you can listen to it here: The ODI