A Quick Note About Spoilers

Bandar CemeThis is a little note to people about spoilers here at DarkUFO as some newer visitors keep emailing me.

1) Spoilers here cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. We do our best to confirm things but it’s not always possible due to

a) Set reports are from people who cannot always be sure of exactly what they have seen. They report their interpretation of the events they have witnessed, nothing more
b) They are shooting out of sequence so some reports to episode numbers cannot always be 100% verified
c) The Lost team are well aware of sites like this and do their best to confuse and put out false leaks.

2) I can only post what my sources allow me. I’m not deliberately holding anything back that I have. As soon as my sources allow me I post them.

3) A lot of the time I’m just as in the dark as you with some of the teasers/hangman games etc. I’ve not been given the answers myself, so don’t email me asking me.

4) I don’t have access to any scripts etc, I rely totally on my sources for their information.

5) I’m in the UK and don’t watch the set reports myself.

So please stop asking me in the comments and via email for the “inside scoop”. What you see on this site is everything I have and I’m allowed to post 🙂